Jesse Julius Ndabakurane


Jesse Julius Ndabakurane completed his O-level education (Form I-IV) education Kahororo Secondary in 1998. Thereafter, He joined my A-level education (Form V and VI) in 1999 and successfully completed my Form VI education in 2001. In both levels of education, He attained the first classes. In 2002, He joined the university education at the University of Dar es Salaam where he completed his first degree in 2006 and awarded Bachelor of Arts with Education (Geography and Linguistics) with upper second class (Hons).

He was employed by the University of Dodoma UDOM) in 2009 where he still serve as an academician. While at UDOM, he pursued a Master degree in Linguistics and awarded MA in Linguistics in 2012 with the first class (Hons). Alongside teaching, he has been involving himself in different research activities in the area of language and education in which have published. So far, he is currently pursue PhD in Linguistics and he expect to graduate in 2018.

As an aspiring linguist, researcher and young academician, his academic interests are hosted in the areas of language and education and material design.