Mr. Onesmo Simon Nyinondi

Mr. Onesmo Simon Nyinondi is a Lecturer of communication skills and English language at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania. He received his BA and MA in Linguistics at the University of Dare S Salaam. Mr. Nyinondi has twelve years of teaching experience where he taught both in secondary schools and University. He is interested in English Language teaching and testing, Language learning and technology and English for specific purpose. In addition to teaching, Mr Nyinondi is regularly involved in English forums and research that contribute to Improvement of the English instruction in the country.

Jesse Julius Ndabakurane

Jesse Julius Ndabakurane completed his O-level education (Form I-IV) education Kahororo Secondary in 1998. Thereafter, He joined my A-level education (Form V and VI) in 1999 and successfully completed my Form VI education in 2001. In both levels of education, He attained the first classes. In 2002, He joined the university education at the University of Dar es Salaam where he completed his first degree in 2006 and awarded Bachelor of Arts with Education (Geography and Linguistics) with upper second class (Hons).

He was employed by the University of Dodoma UDOM) in 2009 where he still serve as an academician. While at UDOM, he pursued a Master degree in Linguistics and awarded MA in Linguistics in 2012 with the first class (Hons). Alongside teaching, he has been involving himself in different research activities in the area of language and education in which have published. So far, he is currently pursue PhD in Linguistics and he expect to graduate in 2018.

As an aspiring linguist, researcher and young academician, his academic interests are hosted in the areas of language and education and material design.

Abdulkarim Shaban Mhandeni

Abdulkarim Shaban Mhandeni is a Lecturer in Language Studies. He gained his teaching certificate from Mtwara Technical Teachers Training College (MTTTC) and graduated in Linguistics and Literature in 2007 and MA (Linguistics) at the University of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania in 2013. Before joining Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in August 2008, he was working as a full time Tutorial Assistant in the aforementioned field at the Mwenge University College of Education (MWUCE). At present, he is lecturing in English and Communication Skills courses which are offered by the Department of Language Studies in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Sokoine University of Agriculture. His research and teaching interests include: Second Language Teaching (SLT), Academic writing, Language Policy and Planning and Critical thinking

Dr. Hashim Issa Mohamed

Dr. Hashim Issa Mohamed (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer of Language and Communication in the Department of Language Studies, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, at Sokoine University of Agriculture. He holds a Doctorate specialised in Applied Linguistics of the University of Western Cape – South Africa, MA (Applied Linguistics) of the University of Leeds, and a (BA (Ed-Linguistics and ELT) of the University of Dar es Salaam. He also worked as a Tutorial Assistant at the Institute of Development Management – Mzumbe (Now Mzumbe University, and as a Tutor at the College of Business Education (CBE) Dodoma Campus. He has authored two books, and published articles in local and international journals. Research interests include language teaching in ESL and TESOL, Teaching communication Skills studies, Applied Linguistics and discourse analysis.

Lillian Omoke

Lillian Omoke is a Lecturer of language and communication. Braoadly, she has interests in Inter-cultural Communication, Communication Ethics, Language Classroom pedagogy and research as well as Discourse Analysis of varied contexts. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Language and communication.

Stephen Mokoro

Stephen Mokoro is a 4th year Bachelor of Business Information Technology student at Strathmore University. He has a lot of interest in research and development. Stephen presented a paper in the 15th Annual ICT Conference in 2014 while at 2nd year of study on ‘the challenges of ICT integration in primary schools in Kenya’. In 2013, Stephen won the African Leadership Academy’s international youth day essay competition on ‘how to maximize the potential of the youth in Africa for development and prosperity.’ In 2015, he was selected as one of the top 100 most promising university student leaders worldwide to participate in the prestigious South American Business Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the president of the Strathmore University Research Club. Stephen hopes to use research as a tool to drive positive societal change and contribute to socio-economic development for development and prosperity of Africa.

Dr. Purity M. Nthiga

Dr. Purity Nthiga is a lecturer in the Department of English and Linguistics, Kenyatta University, Kenya. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics. Has wide experience in teaching English and Linguistics both at Secondary School level and at the University in Kenya and in supervising both Masters and PhD students. Research interests include Language Education, Discourse Analysis; Sociolinguistics; Communication; Gender, Education and Empowerment; Education in Emergencies and Post Conflict Situations and Lifelong Learning and Adult Literacy.

Everlyn Etakwa Simiyu


Lecturer, Machakos University College

Teaches phonology and researches on Bantu languages

University Education

B Ed- Double English, Kenyatta University

MA- Linguistics- Area of Specialization –Phonology, Kenyatta University

PhD candidate, University of Nairobi, area of study- phonology.

Florence Wanguba Mmbwanga

Florence Wanguba Mmbwanga

Lecturer, Machakos University College

Teaches comunication and researches on social media and Family communication

University Education

B Ed- Double English, Masinde Muliro University

MA- Communication Studies- Area of Specialization –Communication, University of Nairobi

PhD candidate, Kisii University of Nairobi, area of study-Communication Studies.

Doroth Elisa

Doroth Elisa is an English Teacher in various secondary schools in Tanzania. She is currently enrolled for a Master of Arts in Education at the Dodoma University, Tanzania. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education Languages at University of Makumira in Arusha-Tanzania. Her interests include reading literary work (poems, drama and novel), Traveling, researching in English education, and experiencing new cultures.